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"We succeed when diet and exercise fail" 

The Medical Weight Loss Center of Lancaster is a unique medical practice which specializes in helping patients lose weight.  Obesity is a disease and should be treated as such.  Medical weight loss is a new medical specialty that applies current medical science to the problem of obesity.  











Dr. Stephen Gold is certified in Obesity Medicine and has been helping patients lose weight for over 26 years.


Our center offers an alternative to Bariatric Surgery when diet and exercise have failed.  We can also help those who have already had a bariatric surgery and need assistance.

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Our Physician Guided Weight Loss program consists of three things:

We evaluate each patient individually to help them reach their weight loss goals.

We customize a plan including diet and exercise  achieve enduring success.

Medication (if necessary)

Prescription medication can promote consistent weight loss when diet and exercise have failed..  Even after Bariatric Surgery, the right medication can resume weight loss.

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