Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle is at the center of any weight management strategy.  Also referred to as "diet and exercise" we find the perfect plan for you.


There are literally hundreds of diet plans.  

We work with the individual to find the best eating program for them.  There is no point in using an absurd plan that cannot be adhered to long term.

Healthy food and good nutrition are at the heart of wellness and weight loss.

Our plan does not include selling you  prepared meals or protein drinks.

We will find a manageable plan for success that you can live with so that it can become a lifestyle, not a "diet".



We know that exercise is the best prescription of all.  We enjoy working with patients to create realistic goals for physical activity.  We understand the real-life time constraints and physical limitations that restrict many. 


Our desire is to create realistic goals that are attainable. 


Every journey begins with a first step, and we encourage our patients to take that first step towards fitness, no matter how small.